Summer... To Date

Let's just call it like it is. Summer is almost half way over and it feels as though it's just begun! What happened to lazy afternoon's at the pool? Backyard BBQ's? Game nights with friends?

Oh yes, I work. At least that explains the no afternoons at the pool part.

We were fortunate enough to land another fantastic summer Nanny for Brielle. That keeps her occupied and busy for the greater part of the week. They play games, do crafts, go to movies and hit the local aquatic center. As for what fills up the rest of our time, here's a complete rundown of our summer to date. But first, I can tell you exactly what we haven't done... gardening. My yard is a jungle of weeds. It's depressing.

Brielle and I kicked off the summer with a Taylor Swift concert. Certainly, a highlight for both of us. This will go down as one of my favorite Mom/Daughter dates. Ever.

I gave Brielle these tickets for Christmas, so there was 6 months of build up for this concert. It did not disappoint. As for acquiring the tickets... I had the opportunity to pre-purchase tickets. I was assigned two amazing seats, but they were pretty darn pricey. So I gave them up in hopes of getting cheaper seats. Then that failed and I ended up with the more expensive seats, but to the left of the stage and pretty far up. Lesson learned... concerts are expensive. Pay the price and get the good seats the first time. It is what it is.

We ended up with 5 kittens and it's all my fault. Well, half my fault. My fault for feeding the stray cat that was coming around (in an effort to keep down the mice) and the cats fault for wandering off and getting herself knocked up.

Meet Chubbs... he's the one we kept.

And before you ask, the answer is yes, that is his name. Don't accuse me of trying to give the cat a complex. The name "Chubbs" was used as an identifier before he became our pet. The name stuck and he comes when called. There's no changing it now.

Don't mind the kitty with the evil eyes in the back. It's wild, mean, and will hopefully run off soon. The other two sweeties went to a nice home where they've been made house cats and are appropriately named "Smokey" and "Bandit."

Izzy and Chubbers (gotta have a nickname) are getting used to each other.  For the most part, they get along just great. But if Chubbs takes off running, Izzy's instincts tend to kick in and she'll take off after him. Their visits will continue to be monitored... for now.

ReAL Salt Lake
We have become dedicated fans of the RSL boys in Salt Lake. After attending only a few games during the last two seasons, we decided that a few was just not enough. We're season ticket holders now, which means that we're making multiple late night trips to Salt Lake each month. During the month of June alone, we hit 5 games. It's exhausting, but so, so, SO much fun.

Brielle is working on acquiring as many signatures on her jersey as possible.

Every year, the game close to the 4th of July is complete with Fireworks. This has by far become my favorite firework show. The traditional firework show in Murray is cool, but when you're in a stadium which is filled with tons of people, loud music AND fireworks... it's awesome.

Water Games
The first, I guess you can't quite call a "game" as much as an unwanted flood. Our main water line broke at our house. It sucks, but clearly, my husband took extra care to not make a huge mess. Now it just looks as though we buried a body. Which maybe I did. I have been off Diet Coke for 3 solid weeks now...

I really didn't bury a body. I'm not like that.

Brielle has spent plenty of time with the sprinklers under the tramp. It really is one of the best ways to cool off AND have fun while doing it. As you can see, Izzy knows this as well and wants in on the action.

Visits from Long Distance BFF's
The one thing we look forward to every year is a visit from our friends, who ditched Utah to move California and leave all their friends (well...us) behind. Sniff, sniff. Because they also have family here in Utah, our time is limited, but we try to make the most of it.

For example, we hit the local bar. Ha!

For the first time ever, I went to a bar. I got carded, and felt slightly naughty. But the food was good and the company was fantastic!

And of course, we couldn't let the Pierce Family go without taking them for a giant pancake breakfast at Herm's Inn in Logan. Seriously, the pancake is larger than the a really large pizza. It's awesome.

These two cuties never skipped a beat. It's as though they haven't been apart for the last two years.

4th of July Festivities
Just like always, the 4th was spent in SLC with family. I'm receiving a ton of grief from friends who can't believe we've never stayed in Logan for the 4th and attended Freedom of Fire, the Cruise-In or other local activies. What can I say... traditions.

Meyer's Fried Chicken, Peppermint Ice Cream, Homemade Root Bear, and all the cousins lined up for fireworks with Pops. Can't beat it!

This was not planned, but very fitting. Such cute girls in their stars & stripes... Happy 4th of July!

Merkley Family Reunion
The Merkley's got together for a family runion at This is the Place State Park. I didn't take many pictures, but I did get a pic of the kids Pie Eating Contest. When asked if I would participate, I replied "I didn't do my hair and makeup for nothing today." Every party has a pooper...

Brielle's sunglasses were practically glued to her face when outdoors. She took a stray, flying piece of a firecracker to the eye on the 4th and is still recovering, but will be just fine (thankfully). We capped off the night with fries and Rootbeer Freezes at Hires Big H in downtown Salt Lake. We don't pass up an opportunity to stop at our favorite SLC joints when we pass through.

That is all so far. Stay tuned... it may be August before I can find the time to wrap up the remaining portion of our summer. But I have a feeling it won't include yard work, weeding, or anything else that needs to be done. It will chalk full with a lot more fun!