Pleasant Grove 5K

10K's are ridiculously hard. So I'm going to do what I probably should have done from the beginning... perfect my running time/endurance and work on running a full 5K. Then move up to a 10K.

I've got a series of 5K's planned out for the next 5 months. One each month and then another 10K in the fall. For April, Brandee and I completed The Pink Series Pleasant Grove 5K run for Breast Cancer. This run was fun in that it was women only and the scenery was great!

My goal was to run in under 33:00 minutes... and I did it in 32:28. So yay for me!

I'm getting a bit addicted to running races... NOT running in general, that is still incredibly challenging for me. But crossing the finish line, with my biggest supporter cheering me on? I love it!