Beginning of a New School Year

It's funny -- all my friends couldn't stop posting on social media how disappointed they were that summer was coming to and end. Don't get me wrong, I love the summer days, warm weather and sleeping in. But I thrive on consistency and schedules. Summer feels a little chaotic to me. Especially this one.

A work trip to Chicago happens every year, just days before the start of school. I really like it. It gives me a few days to regroup. You know, to spend a few days on my own, only worrying about myself and eating amazing food without worrying about school shopping, school supplies or making my bed.

Except this year, it rained a bit...

See the hotel in the background? That's where my umbrella and my rain jacket was. Awesome.

But I still enjoyed the amazing food...

 Garrett's Chicago Mix -- Cheddar & Caramel {Amazing}
I bring home bags and bags of it. Every. Year.

 Not many places I'll go for the shrimp. But at Navy Pier? Covered in Garlic Butter & Cajun seasonings? I can't pass it up.

Chicago Style Pizza.

And now you know why the 3 pounds I lost before going were to compansate for the 3 pounds I gained while away. It's a vicious cycle.

Well... the lockers have been decorated.

Supplies were purchased and we even made it out the door, on time for the bus.

So after an exhausting first day back at school, we hit Twizzle-Berry to treat ourselves to some Fro-Yo. It's what all the cool kids do. Right?

Totally off topic, but totally relevant... my baby asked to wear mascara  for school pics today. :(



Brielle turned 12. And I cried. 

A lot.

It's embarrassing, really. These huge milestones that we reach with our only child are exciting but bittersweet at the same time. I absolutely love seeing the beautiful young woman that she is becoming, but my heart aches for the days when my baby preferred my arms to fall asleep in.

I mean really -- Young Women's? No more Primary Program? 7th grade? Late nights out with friends? Picking out clothes in the Junior's section?

It's too much. I just can't handle it.

Brielle's request for her birthday was a trip to Lagoon with her BFF. Lucky for her {and me} her dad drove in to town for the special occasion. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like rides that make you sick, overpriced amusement park food and ugly stuffed animals that you can never win.

The Girls - Lagoon

One of the most exciting things for Brielle, was finally getting a Temple Recomend and being able to visit the temple to perform Baptisms for the dead. What a special experience for her, and for me.

Brielle has been begging us to find to the SLC Waffluv Food Truck, and we thought... what better time than for her birthday? We arranged with family members and cousins to meet up with us for the surprise.

I'm pretty sure she liked it.

Happy Birthday Bopper! We love you tons and can't wait to see what year #12 brings!