New Orleans

I'm going to be honest. New Orleans is not my favorite place. I would be just fine if I never, ever, ever, never, ever, ever, ever, EVER had to go back. That place smells something awful!

But the beignets??? Wow.

It's like heaven in your mouth. If I did have to go back, at least I'd have those, right?

Oh, and I tried Alligator. Also not my fave (and doesn't really taste like chicken, like everyone says).

End of the Season

And once again, the happiest times in our families life ends.

But only temporarily. 4 more months until the 2015 season!


Are they not the cutest Dauntless Soliders you've ever seen???

UEA Weekend... I Think

This year has been the longest year of my life -- yet, has flown by. I seriously don't know where all my days have gone, but each day feels as though it's going to last forever.

I'm pretty certain these photos come from a weekend getaway to see Chris out in the Basin. Wait... that I know. We did go see Chris out in the Basin, and these are, in fact, the photos. What I'm not quite sure of is when it happened. UEA weekend, maybe? The weekend of my birthday? Or maybe they both happened in the same weekend. Who knows.

What I do know is this was a much needed break with the family. Life is not so easy when you are missing a key person in the family. Note to self... Brielle and I don't get along well when Chris is not around.

White Rocks -- Uintah Basin
(Somewhere near where Chris lives)

I'm pretty sure this is Chris's most favorite place in all the world. He loves fishing here. And we loved following him around while he did it. Mostly Brielle and I watched, hiked through the woods, tried to be brave enough to cross a log over the river...

Couldn't have asked for a better day. Especially since we had no cell service. HEAVEN.

Chris and Brielle fished a little together and Chris made us super yummy Hobo dinners over a campfire. Even Izzy thought they were good.

The next day, we drove to the middle of nowhere and visited a place in Basin not even Chris had been. Fantasy Canyon.

Basically a place where small canyons had eroded away over years and years, forming really cool rock formations. Someday soon our family will be made whole again and we can resume our regular family fun. Until then...