Fall Soccer

My little Soccer Star...

Who knew being a "soccer mom" could be so much fun.



Elder L. Tom Perry said in a conference talk years ago that...
In a world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities.  Families lie at the center of our Heavenly Father's plan.  We need to make our homes a place of refuge from the storm, which is increasing in intensity all about us.  Even if the smallest openings are left unattended, negative influences can penetrate the very walls of our homes.
This past week, I witnessed first hand the "negative influences" that Elder Perry speaks of in his talk.  I was in Washington with my sisters and parents, attending the funeral of a dear Uncle, who died suddenly and tragically.  I watched a family unravel during a time of loss.  It was sad, and it was heart breaking, to say the very least.

It's interesting that at times of change, crisis or loss, we are reminded that what matters most is family.  My experience this past weekend was a loud reminder that families are a blessing, and they are to be valued and nurtured.  I was reminded that we can't just place focus on our immediate families either -- that no matter the circumstance, we can make a powerful difference in the lives of even our extended family with constant love, support and encouragement. 

Long ago, the heading on my blog read this...

You don't choose your family.
They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

You where God's gift to our family, Uncle Dan, and you will be missed dearly.


Turning Over New Leaves?

Chris and I are both turning over new leaves.

I've become the exact opposite of the organized housewife I once was and Chris now carries a purse.

Just kidding!  Chris only carries a purse when in Chicago, where no one knows him, when it weighs 15 pounds and only because his wife is getting a serious shoulder cramp.  After I snapped this photo, I took it back 'cause I couldn't bare to have him laughed at one more time by a passerby.

You're probably thinking that I'm joking about the lack of organization as well.  I'm not.  I've failed on all levels as a wife, homemaker and mother this past week.

No clean laundry.

Ridiculously dirty house (ask my sister in law... she stopped by).

We ate out every single night because I just didn't want to cook.

If I were issued a grade, it would be a big, fat F-.

Things are changing this week, though.  I can't stand living this way.  My new assistant was hired and this means no more early mornings and definitely no more late nights.  Awwwww.  Sounds heavenly.  And I can promise you... Chris won't be carrying a purse anymore.


It Doesn't Happen Often

Chris is always right.  ALWAYS.  Al-ways.  Are we clear on that?

But this time, he wasn't.  So I just had to document this rare occurrence on my blog.

Funny thing is, it happened back when we were in Chicago, but I can't stop thinking about it, because I was right and Chris was wrong.  I serious giggle when thinking about it.  

Hey, it doesn't happen often, so when it does, I live it up!


Proud Mama

Brielle is back in school, and she (as well as I) could not be happier.  Everyday she told me how bored she was, and everyday, I was sick of hearing about it.

One of my friends made fun of mothers who take "back to school" pics of their kids on facebook.  I'm one of those mothers and I'm proud of it.  I have a picture of Brielle each year at this time, and in each picture, she grows a little taller and looks a little older.  I'll be taking these photos through college, I'm sure.

Brielle's the cutest when riding her bike, I swear.  She makes this quarky smile, and peddles her little heart out.  It's adorable!

I would also like to proudly post that Brielle, during last nights riding lesson, jumped her horse for the very first time ever.  I'm not kidding!

I wish I could post the video of that first jump.  But due to the stinkin' pup, who's leash was wrapped around my wrist, and who suddenly decided to take off running to who knows what, I captured the sky above Brielle, instead of the jump.  This resulted in me missing the jump myself.

I seriously considered kicking the dog.  But I didn't, cause that would be cruel.