Water Pup

Izzle-fo-shizzle loves the water.  Naturally... she's a lab. Once a week or so, Spring Creek opens the canal in front of our house. 

For the pup, it's her most favorite day of week. 


Spring Creek

We get water from Spring Creek to irrigate our pasture.  Well, it used to be a creek...

Now it's a bit of a raging river.  And only 2 blocks from home.

It's a good thing Izzle-fo-shizzle was on her leash... she's not shy when it comes to swimming in water.


Lawn Mowers

I have three.

One that you have to push and pull, fill with gas and dump the clippings.  This mower requires a lot of work and sweat on my part.

My other two are easy.

You just stick 'em out there and they do all the work themselves.


Work After Work

The equines tore down their electric fence today.  I have my suspicions about the naughty children next door possibly unplugging it.  Those horses figured out it wasn't on and tore it right down!  Around the whole pasture!

Stinkin' animals.

Working after you've just gotten home from work is tough sometimes.  It was hot and the job made me sweaty, so when Brielle asked if we could go for slushies, I didn't argue.

We hopped in the car and Chris asked where we should go.

Me...  "I have a coupon to Zeppes (Italian ice - yum)."

Chris... "When does it expire?"

Me...  "6/30."

Brielle...  "Ahhh, that's too bad.  It's 8:30."

Chris and I looked at each other and could NOT stop laughing.



I can hardly bare to listen/read/watch the news when it comes to our immature, ridiculously lame government and the selfish people running it.  I'm serious.  It's maddening.  But this week, I realized just how lame our government agencies have gotten.  I can't take it anymore!

I need a passport.  I desperately want to go to Haiti with my dad next month to move all the children to their new home.  First stop, the Driver's License Division.  

Several weeks ago, I renewed my Driver's License.  I took my old license and my SS card.  After taking the test and waiting in line, they refused to give me my driver's license.  They wanted my birth certificate.  You mean you want to verify the same birth certificate you verified when you gave my first license!?!  COME ON!

They issued me a temporary license and told me not to come back without it.  And, they were rude.  But back to my passport.  I filled out the application and dug through boxes to find my BC, knowing I would need it to obtain my license and passport.  I headed back to the Driver's License Division -- who by the way, had lost my paperwork.  Idiots.

"Thanks, your DL will come in mail."  WHAT?  I need my DL now!  What happened to the days when they printed you a license, right then?  With all the technology available to us right now, you can't print a stinkin' license?  You want to pay the added expense of shipping it t me?  2 weeks, they said.  2 freaking weeks!  They just confirmed my speculation of pure idiocy.

I'll tell you what... if my DL doesn't come in time for me to get a passport so that I can go have this once-in-a-lifetime experience, I'm going to go ape-crazy on the Driver's License Division.


Not Just a Twinkie

Two posts in a row about food.  One with lots of butter and cheese, and this one deep fried.  My "healthy lifestyle" isn't going so well right now.  Obviously.

While walking around Summerfest this evening with Chris and Brielle, we were on the lookout for a yummy treat to satisfy our sweet tooth and wrap up our night out.  We'd seen the booths, listened to some music and even bought Brielle a tie-died shirt (why, I don't know). 

Then Chris said "let's try a deep fried twinkie."  Whatever, but I told him to just get one to share.  I wanted ice cream.

After devouring the warm, crunchy, gooey, delicious dessert, I handed Chris $3 buck and told him to go get another.  

Why has no one ever told me about deep fried twinkies!?!



For those who can each spinach raw, I bow to you.  I hate the leafy stuff, unless it's jazzed up with something sweet or fattening.  For example, spinach salad with strawberries and candied pecans -- Yum.  I've tried and tried to eat it on it's own, but just can't.  However, I am good at hiding it (but again, in something fattening or sweet).

Pesto.  Take your basic Pesto and add spinach.  Add a little melted butter and warm heavy cream (the fattening part) and you've got this...

Add some Cavetappi Pasta noodles, and you can make it even better...

And just when you think it can't get any better, you add quartered cherry tomatoes and some more parmesan cheese...

And it tastes so yummy -- so good -- that you'll stop and ask yourself "there's spinach in here?"  Yes.  Yes there is.  Because it's fattening, you'll never know.

It Wouldn't Be Summer

It was 7:25 a.m. and 56 degrees outside.  Brielle just couldn't wait any longer to dive into Nani's pool.  Apparently, Summer doesn't officially began until you've plunged into that clear blue, warm water.

It was so chilly that I was wrapped in towels on a pool chair, and steam was in fact coming off the top of the pool.  Clearly, Brielle didn't mind.


Nearing Completion

I am nearing full completion on Brielle's bedroom... and all the other projects we have going on around the house.  A visit to Salt Lake yesterday meant a visit to IKEA to purchase bedside tables.  The trip was a success.

Now if I could just get that blasted bench cushion done.



The last time Chris and I took a vacation together (alone) was Mexico in 2004.  Brielle was 18 months old.  I think I've waited long enough, so prepare yourself Windy City, Home of the Cubs & Talk Show Capital of the World...

We're coming in August. 

You might be thinking "Chicago?  Really?  Not somewhere warm, tropical or romantic?"  I assure you that Chicago will be warm in August.  And the explanation is simple, really.  I'm being sent to a conference and I insisted (and begged) that Chris come with me.  I'm seriously excited.

Food -- oh the food -- I'm going to have to lose 10 more pounds in preparation for the food.

Baseball Game at Wrigley Feild -- never been to a major league basement game.  AND, they happen to be playing Grandpa Bert's favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Lake Dinner Cruise with Firework show -- holy smokes.

Shopping -- there will be some serious shopping.

After 10 years of marraige, we are long overdo for an adventure, and I have no doubt that Chicago will be just that!


Farm Chores

I like farm chores.  I muck stalls, stack hay, water, etc.  LOVE grooming the horses.  But today, I found a chore I prefer NOT to have to do again. 

When heading out to visit the horses this morning, I noticed something floating in the water bucket.  It looked like a harmless branch or piece of bark from a tree.

But it wasn't.

It was a dead bird.


Baby Yammies

At least, that's what Ms. Paisley says they are called...

...just like llamas are yamas.

Brielle has died and gone to farm heaven.


No Longer Important

I logged on with the intent to blog about something...  And then I found out that 2 of the 4 men killed in yesterday's plane crash I knew.  So sad.

There is something very heartbreaking watching a family with young children lose their dad.  It's also hard seeing someone die so young.

Whatever I had to say is suddenly unimportant.