I Miss My Friend

I snapped this picture several weeks back when Chris and I had a much needed few days away together in Jackson Hole, WY.

I, of course, had to work while there. But he shut off his phone, set aside his work and gave me many hours of his undivided attention. It was exactly what I needed.

This year has been so tough. We've spent more time apart that we have together, and it's wearing on me. I miss having him around, I miss the help he gives and I miss the support he offers me. It's exhausting playing a single parent, even if it is temporary. This situation has given me a new respect and appreciation for the things he does for our family -- the things he does for me.

The worst part of this comes at night. After the day is done and Brielle is in bed, it's just me. All alone. It's horribly lonely. Normally, we'd just be watching a show on TV, relaxing and hanging out. Nothing crazy, but just being together. But this the time I miss him the most and when it's the hardest to have him away.

We've lived like this since May and only have about another month {I hope} to go. The end is in sight and soon I will have my best friend back. And...... a little relief from the many things I have to do. But mostly, I'm just looking forward to having him home.