Recipes I Love

I love to cook. And eat. So naturally, I try to cook and eat good food as often as I can. Chris has a long running complaint that he never gets the same meal twice (sometimes I don't follow a recipe), but he is mistaken. A lot of times, I do follow a recipe. And a lot of times, they are so good that I blog about them so that I can quickly recall them later. Besides, he'll live... he's still getting food whether I make a dish exactly the same, or tweak it a little bit, right? Here are a list of our families  favorites...

Cheesy Corn Dip
Chewy Cherry-Almond Granola Bars 
Easy Garlic Dinner Rolls (Six Sister's Stuff) 
Italian Appetizer Bread  
Pretzels (Smells Like Home)

Breakfast Cups  

Chicken w/ Wild Rice Soup