Our Story

My name is Emily. I'm a full time mother, cook, maid, occasional blogger and oh yes... I work full time, too. My life isn't what I thought it would be... but I couldn't be happier.

I married Chris (aka... the last blind date I'll ever agree to go on) and it certainly turned out to be just that. 3 months later -- engaged. 3 months after that -- wedding. 14 years later -- here we are. Soon after, I had the absolute privilege of becoming a mother.

In 2006 we traded life in the big city for a life in a semi-small city/rural area. Cache Valley became the perfect compromise between the rural farming community that Chris grew up in, and the large city that I grew up in. My family thought I wouldn't last without a mall, Target or Costco nearby, but I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Chris owns and operates his own Decking company, designing, constructing and maintaining decks (and he's really good at it, I must say). Rain is his biggest enemy but I think he finds pleasure in working outdoors. He loves to fish and hunt, he sees almost every single movie that comes out, and he forces his wife to eat seafood whenever possible.

Brielle is 12 and has just about every positive quality you could name. She really is special! Good baby, good kid, sweet girl. Brielle plays the violin beautifully and has so much talent! In fact, she is such a perfect child that we decided we couldn't make one any better, so we stopped with her. JK... read on and I'll explain.

Life didn't turn out the way we planned, otherwise, I'd have 3 kids right now and be a stay at home mom. Somewhere along our journey we came to the sad realization that more kids just weren't going to happen. But rather than dwell on it, we're making the most of it, doing whatever this life can afford us with the one great kid we've got.

Our family travels as much as we can, visiting new places each year. We find in joy in cheering on our favorite MLS soccer team (go ReAL Salt Lake!). But it doesn't really matter what we do, or where we are, just as long as we are together.

I work full time for the local REALTOR organization and absolutely love my job and love the opportunities it affords us. Grey's Anatomy, Scandal & Dance Mom's are my guilty pleasure. Once in a while, I create a new sweet cupcake or savory recipe to share here on my blog. I'm incredibly proud of my hard working husband. I blog about my life, family and the happenings within. Occasionally, I complain. More often, I will rant. But mostly, you'll see me, my family, our pup Izz-the-Fiz and the stinkin' horses, Cocoa & Dandy.