Pics from My Phone

It's fun browsing through all the photos saved on my phone.  Some taken by me, and some clearly taken by Brielle.  It gives me a small glimpse of my life since I bought the phone.  Fun times, crazy finds and few vacations we've taken in the past year.  Let me share a few of my favorites.

Which photo to start with... oh yes...

The Yummiest
My BFF introduced me to these, and I'm addicted.  You can find them in the check-out isles of WalMart, next to the candy bars and individual packets of GoldFish crackers.  You are very welcome.

The Silliest
We took a trip up to the Park City outlets to do some shopping.  Brielle and Regan tried their skills at posing as manicans (sp?).  Either that, or they're ready to be done shopping.

The Most Painful
This photo was taken a couple of days after the actual bee sting.  She still has a mark, and it's been more than 3 weeks!  Poor girl couldn't move her arm for days.

The Biggest Splash 
Chris likes to be know as the super cool, super strong Uncle, and he lived up to his reputation while swimming at my mom's pool.  All the kids got a chance to be thrown, but Gehrig certainly when the highest.

The Most Messy
Who knew two girls could make such a mess making brownies?  Honestly.

The Naughtiest
I couldn't decide which was more naughty.  The huge mess the horses made...

Or the fact that Izzy has ruined some really cute flowering bushes in order to find a comfy place to sleep.  Either way, they were all in trouble.

The Most Terrifying
I don't know why Brielle was so scared to go on the Alpine Slide.  We told her over and over again just how much fun she would have. And of course, that is exactly what happened.  She begged to go again, but I'm sorry... $50 bucks for both of us to ride the Slide & Coaster?  Once was plenty.

The Favorite
This is one of my most favorite pictures.  Me and Brielle, together, at one of our most favorite places.  I just love this girl.

The Current Project
I'm in the middle of making spice jars for my kitchen.  I absolutely love how they are turning out.  I'll blog about them another time, when I find the time to actually finish them.



I saw a picture on Pinterest of a Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado & Egg Sandwich that looked amazing.  However, the original "pinner" pinned just the link to the photo... not the site.  I hate this.  Know what your pinning before you pin, people!

But really, how hard could it be.

This summer has been hot, so any excuse not to slave at the stove cooking dinner is welcomed.  15 minutes and you've got some cooked bacon and a fried egg.  I like quick and easy.  Now, we prefer our yolks runny with this sandwich.  Rather than top with mayo or a spread, we let the yolk act as a creamy moisture component.

We also prefer sourdough bread from our local artisan bakery, Crumb Brothers, but I'm sure any bread will do.  I used Spinach leaves instead of lettuce, sliced a tomato, an avocado and then assembled.

Dinner couldn't be more simple. And yummy.


Double Digits

My baby turned 10 today (sniff, sniff).

She has been telling me all summer that this birthday was a special one, and needed to be celebrated.  Apparently, turning "double digits" is a really big deal. Brielle and her friend tried to get me to throw her a surprise party, but to tell you the truth... I didn't want to. I know, I'm lame. I just find that it's getting harder and harder to top the previous year. AND I'm sick of competing with other parents. There.  I said it.

My apologies if I've ever made other parents feel the same.

But Brielle was right. 10 is special. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided that rather than throw a "surprise party" I would do a "day of surprises."  This also stressed me out a little, because we decided not to give Brielle gifts (I know, now I'm lame and mean).  But hear me out...

Brielle recently earned her scooter. AND she has put in a request for items from the American Girl doll store while I'm in Chicago. AND she's going to Orlando with me in November. I think she's good.

But again, not having a party AND not getting any gifts made the task of giving her special day even more challenging.  I'm happy to report... I succeeded.  At least, she told me I did.

Surprise #1

I saw this idea on Pinterest. While the birthday girl is sleeping, fill the room with balloons to surprise the birthday girl first thing.  This project was certainly a labor of love. Chris left his air compressor in his work trailer, at a work site. The work site was not far from our house, however he "claimed" that his employee had the key to the trailer.

I blew up 72 balloons by myself. I'm still working to regain my oxygen levels.

Her happiness when she woke up was priceless.  She was excited and thought "she was still dreaming."  I love making my girl smile.

Surprise #2
Breakfast at Herm's

Herm's is a little place tucked away at the base of Logan Canyon. It's fairly new, and we heard the breakfast was amazing.  Not only was it amazing... it was HUGE.

Yes, that's a pancake. And yes, it is served on a pizza tray, because it's the size of... well, a pizza. And that's not all that came with the giant pizza...

You'll notice at the bottom of the picture a large platter with bacon, sausage, eggs and potatoes. And since it was Brielle's Birthday (and our waitress thought we needed more food) we were given 3 crepes filled with bananas and nutella, topped with whipped cream and berries, on the house.

It's now night-time and I still can't think of food.  We think that breakfast at Herm's should be a birthday breakfast tradition.  But next time, we'll invite some hungry friends.

Surprise #3

Chris didn't join us, just in case you were wondering.

I usually get my pedicures on a lunch break from work. Every time I come home with newly painted toes, she's mad I didn't take her.  Especially when I have the pedicure-ists paints designs on my toes.

She chose a pretty shade of sparkly blue, with a flower design, and I went for my new favorite toe polish color... turquoise. She kept saying "Mommy, I love this."  Melted my heart.

I love that her toes are shaped just like mine.

Surprise #4
Fun with Friends

I called up a few of her friends moms and asked if I could takes their girls to do something fun with Brielle on her birthday. Not a formal party... just some fun.

We started with some Mini-Golf...

And then it got way too hot, so we switched to go-carts.  It's a good think two of Brielle's friends are tall, because Brielle and one of her friends did not meet the height requirement to drive.

Brielle is such a poser. For once, I'd like a picture with a normal smile. I'm begining to think it's not possible anymore.

Surprise #5
Zeppe's Italian Ice

What could be better than flavored Italian ice topped with creamy, frozen custard. Mmmmm. Clearly, these 10 year olds forgot all their manners and smeared ice cream across their faces.

The "day of surprises" could not have gone better.  There was no disappointment about gifts or or lack of formal party. She told me over and over how much she loved this day. With each new surprise came a whole new reaction, which I loved.

Happy Birthday B-Bop.


B-Bop's Mod Pod

In an earlier post in May, I mentioned that Brielle was working so hard to earn money for a Razor Mod Pod... an electric scooter that looks like a mini-Vespa.  They really are awesome. 

However, based on her weekly allowance of $8.00, which 10% of goes to tithing and half of the rest going into her savings account... and the fact that it's very hard for her save money (unless I put it in her bank account where she can't get it), she would have been 14 before she could afford it.

Despite all this, she worked her little butt off.  AND, she has been remarkably responsible this summer, while myself and Chris have been working.  Oh, and it's her birthday soon and we'd be spending money on her anyway.  So... we bought it for her.

I sat on the grass at the church nearby snapping pics with my phone.  Each time she rode by, she had a different expression on her face and (as you can see) a different pose.

We insisted she wear a helmet.  Safety first, right?

And of course Chris had to get in on the action...

I have no explanation for his interest with children's toys.

Easter 2012 - Tridell


Messages from My 9 Year Old

I know this may sound crazy, and some parents may criticize, but I love -- LOVE -- that my 9 year old has a cell phone.  I get random messages throughout the day that say "I love you Mom" or "can I please have a cookie."  Aside from wanting to know where she is, and what she's doing, it's a way for us to stay connected while I'm at work.

Sometimes, I get some pictures from her, too.  Like this one, titled "Busted."

I've been wondering why my flowers have been laying flat.  Now I know, thanks to Brielle and her camera phone.  

Stinkin' pup.

But look at that cute face!  It's hard to get mad when you've got such a sweet pup.

On Monday, I got this picture, titled "Ouch."

It's not very clear, but it most certainly is a bee sting.

A sting that has turned into this...

See that brown dot?  That's where the little sucker stung her?  I've never seen a sting that big before!  Sad thing is, her whole arm hurts, her skin is hot to the touch and this pic is 3 days after the actually sting.

We may be paying a visit to the doc.

I know some are concerned with young kids carrying cell phones.  I made a point to tell people it was my phone when were first got it, and that I just used it as a "home phone."  Reality is, it's hers.  She sends me sweet messages, calls me to check in throughout the day, and I use it to make sure she's safe.

Text messages from Brielle are the best messages I receive.