Moving is not favorable with someone of my personality type.

It sucks actually.  My head hurts.  I'm getting agitated easily.  I have no patience.  The surrounding boxes and messes are in such a state of chaos that I'm about to burst out bawling at any second.  

I yelled at the Comcast customer service rep.

Then again at the Dish Network rep-S.  I emphasize the S because unfortunately for them, I spoke to multiple.

I apologize in advance for my behavior.  And any help moving or would be appreciated!


Coming Along

We continue to make progress.  At the beginning of this week, I was honestly wondering how in the world we were going to finish the house and get moved in by the end of next week.  Well friends, I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

One more coat of Polyurethane and the floors will be finished.  Aren't they beautiful?

Brielle's Bedroom Before...

Brielle's bedroom after being painted the prettiest "Tiffany Blue"...

Soon, there will be a cute window seat cusion, super stylish window treatments and loads of pillows.  Brielle can't wait to have a place to curl up and read.  Thanks to Nani and her superior sewing skills, our dream is becoming a reality.  No more little girl pink for this big girl!

Still left to do, you ask?
  1. Painting Cabinet Doors
  2. Hanging Cabinet Doors
  3. Cabinet Door Knobs
  4. Base Trim on the Main Floor
  5. Painting Closet Doors
  6. Hang the Light Fixtures
  7. Put on all the door knobs
  8. Electric Fence for the Equines
  9. Regular Fence for the Pup (only a little though... not much)
And oh yes... I have to pack up my current house!

And move.

I'm suddenly very tired.  Looking at this list does that to me.



I called Cocoa's trainer today.  I've missed the guy and wanted to know how he was doing.  

"Well," he said.  "Cocoa's a bit of a coward.  So, we're starting with that."

I felt bad for Cocoa-Ca-Cho, but I just couldn't help myself.  I laughed.


First Game of the Season

She didn't like dance.  Gymnastics just wasn't her thing.  So, we decided to give soccer a try.

Being that the weather has not been conducive to outdoor recreation, this was not only her first game, it was the first time meeting her coach and teammates.

Brielle learned that shin guards protect your shins, but there's not much to protect your stomach from out-of-control kicks.  

She learned that when on the sidelines, your cheer on your teammates.

You want to know what I learned?  Don't put the camera away when your daughter is heading straight for the net.  She'll score her first goal ever, and you'll miss it.

I'm proud of her though... she did great and she played hard.



People keep asking us "when are you going to move in?"  The plan is to be into the house the last week of April.  But first, we still have a lot of work to do.  Here's a glimpse at the progress we are making...

Bedroom BEFORE

Bedroom NOW

Family Room BEFORE

Family Room NOW

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen NOW

As you can see we still have lots to do before moving in.  Namely, the kitchen cabinet doors need to be painted, there are rooms upstairs and down that still need painting, and the floors are being refinished next week. 

I can hardly contain my excitment to move in and get settled, so much so that my husband is very frusterated with my impatience.  Sorry Babe.  I just can't help it.


Obedience School

It's off to obedience school for Cocoa-Ca-Cho.  For the next six weeks, he'll be off trail riding in the mountains, learning to neck rein, and hopefully learning a thing or two about going when he's told to go, and stopping when he's told to stop (stopping is not really his problem, though -- he does that well enough on his own).

Training is expensive, but I feel that the expense is well worth it.  You see, in a few short weeks, we'll be moving into our new place.  And I have a feeling that with Cocoa and Dandy so close, we are going to want to ride quite a bit more than we have in the past.  I seriously cannot wait.

My heart broke as he pulled away in the trainer's trailer, but I'm sure he's in good hands.  The trainer assured us we can visit, as will even teach me how to handle Cocoa during is last few weeks of training.



Brielle had to have a tooth pulled today.  Not only did it have a cavity, it was infected as well.  She was put on a round of antibiotics, and told to come back to "see how things are going."  At the advice of the dentist, we didn't tell her why she really had to go back.

The laughing gas made her giggle.  A lot.

The dentist finally told her what he was about to do.  She said "ok," and giggled some more.

Afterward, I asked her if she was mad at me for not being honest with her (I was really worried about this).  She wasn't.  She acted like it was no big deal.

I then asked if it was really that bad?

"Nope" she said.  "I heard a click, click -- then bada-boom -- it was done."

Then I started giggling.


Is it my Birthday yet?

I have a horse.  I have land to keep him on.  I have hay & oats.  Lots of carrots.

But I don't have a saddle.  How can I have a horse and no saddle?