Soccer Fans

My name is Emily, and I am a soccer fan.  I know, I know, you didn't see it coming.  But lets face it, I've surprised ya'll with a lot of things as of late.  No need to act shocked.

Brielle wrapped up her first season of Soccer this year, and Chris and I thought it would be fun to catch a ReAL Salt Lake game to see how the game is really played.  A family outing like this is rare during the summer, since Chris finds himself working 12 hours days, and sometimes longer on the weekends.

The two favorite people who accompanied me to my first professional Soccer game (just to clarify for those concerned about my recent facebook post)...

See that ReAL jersey Brielle's wearing?  She'd better treat it like a big chunk of gold, cause I swear it cost just as much.  Was it worth it?  Well, she's been wearing it for two days now.

Between the dancing, the cheering, yellow cards flying and players being ejected, it was easy to overlook the $4.00 sodas, $5.00 pretzels and $50.00 jersey.  The game was ridiculously fun and we've already begun planning our next game.

Go Real!!!


How'd it get in there?

There a few things that no one told me about farm chores.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind them at all.  In fact, I really do enjoy 'em.

But, a few tips from experts would have been nice.

For example, when stacking hay bails, moving hay bails, or feeding hay to the horse, a crew neck or high collar shirt is an absolute must.  You really don't want to know how much hay might end up in your bra and squished between your boobs until you've done the above in a v-neck t-shirt.

We'll talk about the bugs another day.


Saturday Mornings

While Izzy lounges in a camping chair she's claimed as her own...

Brielle is out on "Poop Patrol."

For those who feel sorry for this cute little girl, wearing cute little gloves and sunglasses... don't.  It could be worse.  I have to clean up after the horses.


I Learn Better When Taught

Chris said to me the other day "if you want to be a cowgirl, learn to saddle your own horse!"  He said this after an hour of listening to me beg him to go riding.  I now know how to saddle a horse, but not because he taught me.

Chris and I have had this discussion when it comes to riding, too.  I'm constantly asking "am I sitting right?  Holding the reins right?  Why won't he go then!?!"  Chris just tells me to figure it out, 'cause that's what he did.

Clearly our learning styles are much, much different.  He claims that as a kid, he was told to get on the horse and go.  This doesn't work for me!  Teach me how to do it, so I know I'm doing right.  This is very important (obviously only to me), otherwise, what the hell is the point?

Since he wouldn't, I paid someone else to do it (which he didn't like either).  Oh well, now I know.


Shark Racing

The Sharks...

The Players...

Who will win?

Didn't know you could have so much fun in a little canal, did ya?


The 4th

Our 4th of July went a little something like this...

Swimming at Nani's pool (that's a given)...

Lots of good food (but you don't need to see me eating).

Peppermint Ice Cream (it just wouldn't be the 4th of July without it)...

55 lb scared to death pup who wouldn't leave my lap once the fireworks started...

It got worse once the big fireworks started.  Poor thing.